Herstory - Year In Review
2005 - The Year of the Rooster
by shebang!

The year 2005 definitely marked the year of change for shebang! It was a year of growth and evolution as everyone in the crew embarked on their own separate journey. One had already fled the nest to fulfill her dance passion across the border in L.A., another became busy with preparations to open her dream dance studio, while another was ready to go off and save the world all in one go, and while another was ready to be wed to the man who literally danced his way into heart. (Altogether now, ''Awwwww...'') We entered the year as 4 single, young bgirls, and ended the year as 5 b-femmes with the albeit long overdue addition of DJ Dalia, yay!

The year was divided in several phases for me being the bgirl who was about to have a busy year ahead - a proposal, an engagement, marriage, honeymoon no.1 in Niagara Falls, honeymoon no. 2 in Hong Kong, China and Thailand (diving with whale shark no. 1), moving in with hubby, 6 months of married life, and honeymoon no. 3 in Costa Rica (diving with and petting massive mantarays, and RIDING whale shark no. 2 all in the great outdoors)!

- Toronto Blue Jays Dance Team auditions - making past several rounds and battling ''Ace'' the Blue Jays mascot! How could I balance work, teaching break, practicing and long hours at a (yawn...) baseball game? Lucky for me the choice didn't become mine.

Engagement/mad intense wedding planning:
- Being the bgirl that I am, I recruited my crew as bridesmaids. shebang!'s neverending talents, and those of supporting b-friends helped in the prep:
o jennrock with her super-organizational skills planned the dance themed stagette - ''Madhot Ballroom''/salsa dancing
o mae hem with her videomaking prowess edited a hilarious short entitled ''Hairstory'' featuring the ceremonial $6 haircutting and shaving of my then longhaired fiance
o ms.mecc, shebang!'s website designer, helped with pics for our programs - as well as gave us kickass ''b-hubby'', and ''Teacher's Pet'' T-shirts upon our engagement.
- Amidst teaching 3 break classes plus a full time job, I was busy powerplanning my truly ''fairy tale'' wedding in 4 months. Everything surpassed my wildest dreams - from a beautiful outdoor wedding with a cathedral veil cascading down, to the first dance with my hubby--a choreographed waltz performance to Rainbow Connection (the song that
Kermit the Frog/the Carpenters sing), to the shebang! Chinese fan dancing/breaking performance and shebang! demo reel, to Salsa, to an 18 piece jazz band, to the 6 outfit changes. An absolute fabulous day! My hubby and I should have sold tickets!

Married Life:
- Breaking in a Thai Boxing ring at a brewery. Was that a dream or a nightmare?
- Almost going to China again, this time to do a hair commercial but lost out to a Korean bgirl….grrr…. perhaps she had longer, healthier hair than me….
- Courtesy of photographer Che Kothari, the selling of a break pic of me to a company in Singapore!
- Reduction of teaching break classes, in order to pick up International ''Dancesport'' with my hubby. We tied for first in the Waltz and came 2nd overall (out of 3 couples). Watch out ''Dancing with the Stars'', here comes my new found career!

Who knows what 2006 has in stores, but I'm ready for even more exciting dancing highlights!

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2005 YEAR IN REVIEW by shebang!

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