Herstory - Year In Review
2005 - The Year of the Rooster
by shebang!

DJ Dalia
One of the best things to come of this year was becoming a full fledged member of shebang! Especially after DJing for them for so many years and watching them explode and progress and change and I feel that I've changed and learned so much from the experiences. shebang! is not just my crew, they are my girls, I feel so blessed to have such amazing, intelligent, mad cool people in my life who I can relate to musically and personally. I was also so inspired by them that I decided to learn b-girling myself so I could better understand the culture and be a better DJ for breakers! It's definitely been a challenge but I've really enjoyed it and can now toprock and bust a few freezes, and knowing that I've inspired mae hem to learn to spin and teaching her and watching her pick that shit up! It's just a matter of time!

Some breakdancing highlights were jumping into a circle at the Ninja Tune Weekender with the Herbaliser in Montréal! I even got down on the cement and got scars to prove it. And of course another highlight was watching More Or Les throwdown with the Herbaliser in Montreal! The whole weekend was a highlight hanging out with Tash and Moonstarr and everyonethere for thatthat crazy whirlwind weekend. The Mark Ecko party was also a highlight watching luda, Nas and Kanye and A Trak and free drinks from 5-8! And then watching mae hem bust some moves on the gravel while yelling at Nas! Playing at "Savour" for Denise Benson onGayPride and that whole weekend in general was hella fun. Other music highlights include the MIA shows with Diplo, the Diplo after parties and when the RUB came to town. And even better going to New York and checking out "The Rub" in Brooklyn!

Other highlights were/are playing old rap every month with the coolest dudes, More Or Les and Numeric and watching it grow! And bringing in PrincePaul to play, how can I forgetDJing on stage with Prince Paul! Holy shit! Also playing the Bahamadia show was pretty dope too, with Isis and Loqenz, Eternia, Masia etc... And of course break & enter!!!! DJing has been a huge highlight this year, playing with so many awesome people and crazy parties, having amazing experiences and opportunities and feeling for the first time that I've paid my dues and amgetting the luv and support I've put out there back! Going into the 11th year of hosting and DJing "The Best Kept Secret" with Andrew Masuda is pretty incredible and receiving an award for 10 years ofservice thereis pretty cool.

On a personal note, I feel this year was a year for mad change in my life and watching my friends change and grow, seeing Blazin' get married in the summer, getting together with Ted Dancin' (an amazing DJ and one of the coolest people I've ever met), seeing friends getting engaged and married and having babies, being 30 years old and finally
feeling like I get it. I just get it - DJing, dancing, love, life, friendship, family, the whole big picture and knowing there is so much more to learn and experience!

Maybe even serato scratch...yeah I said it.

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