Herstory - Year In Review
2005 - The Year of the Rooster
by shebang!

Ms. Mighty
Definitely a year of transition and of starting over but not in a "retracing my steps" kind of way but in an "approaching situations I've already experienced but this time with more confidence, skills, and maturity" kind of way. After picking up and moving to Los Angeles, I felt like I had to start fresh; new city, new dancers, new crew etc. My first "big move" to a new city, I found myself doing things I never envisioned like:
1. owning a car
2. valet parking said car
3. getting married
4. wearing sweaters in 70 degree weather

Dance highlights:
+ Training with Kujo - He's one of the best teachers I've ever had. What sets him apart is his passion for dance and his intelligent approach to a culture that prides itself on who can do the most airflares and throwing cock. He really knows how to breakdown movement and has also taught me many other life lessons.
+ Forming the Get Down Dolls - Tsunami, Jace, Wenrock, Shananigans, Psychy, Neva, Cronic & Me! These girls continue to inspire me with their many talents, their dedication, and their willingness to try anything (i.e. wear cammo underwear and heels) and letting me boss them around. ;)
+ Battling with mae hem and the Get Down Dolls @ Top Dog - worlds collided in a really great way.
+ Performing at Nathan Phillips with *most* of shebang! alongside many other inspiring artists, tap dancers on picnic tables, Italians in hamster balls etc. Afterwards we welcomed superstar DJ Dalia to the crew and danced the night away with some of the TWZTD SISTAS.
+ Training with Diavolo - A Modern Dance company under the artistic direction of Jaques Haim, the choreographer for Cirque du Soleil's "Ka". He really taught me to push my self, focus and train hard and the importance of being a "responsible dancer".
+ Getting thrown out of Avalon in Hollywood for breaking.

+Missing Blazin's wedding :(
+Missing break & enter!

+Go out dancing @ clubs more
+Perfect headspins & windmills
+Dance at the front of the class
+Cook for myself more
+Brush my teeth more often
+Clean my room more often
+Keep in regular touch

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