International Womens Day 2003
by Ms. Mighty

Who knew it was a "digital day"?
No mention of IWD on or A nice pictorial reporting on
What's the point of a day when no one seems to observe it? Instead it's all news about guys blowing other guys up. In fact, it took me a really long time to even find a headline about a woman other than some Russian soldier winning a beauty contest.
It seems to me that women's rights have died here in North America while women in other parts of the world can't even go to school. What irks me is the fact that to learn the dire state of women's rights elsewhere, I have to consult news sources like Ms. which keeps going out of business and only comes out 4 times a year.
So keep on keepin on MuchMusic, @ Harpo, and wherever else it has been deemed "o.k." to fill the airwaves with stories about half the population.

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