Herstory - Year In Review
2005 - The Year of the Rooster
by shebang!

mae hem
This year was a toss between sucking really badly and being not that bad. Overall the whole year was very transitional. At first, it didn't seem like there was anywhere to go to. I mean I knew where I was and where I came from but where the hell was I going and how was I getting there seemed like a complete mystery. Anyway, I still haven't figured it all out but at least I feel like I can figure it out which is better than nothing, I suppose.

Breaking wise, my highlights were: Adding the extraordinarily talented Ms Dalia to the crew; seeing Blazin' in the most beautiful fairytale wedding dress ever and then doing the Chinese fan dancing/breaking routine at the wedding reception, and throwing yet another successful break & enter. Non breaking wise but a hip hop related highlight was seeing our good friend More or Les perform with one of my all time favourite bands, Herbaliser! He lived my dream of being on stage with them. Yay Les!And congrats on the engagement :) Also, hip hop related: Seeing Ludacris and Kanye West live in concert, A-Trak killed it. (Hey Mecc, where's my "I love Luda" shirt?)

At the end of the year, there is no great sense of accomplishment. But I do feel like I have achieved one thing: Somewhere between feeling depressed, uncertain and scared, I lost the ability to stand up for myself. I think I stopped caring. But after putting up with a lot of shit this year and feeling even more depressed, uncertain and scared, I finally had enough. I stood up for myself. I said fuck you to people trying to use and bully me, and I remembered what it felt like being in charge!

Hopefully, next year I'll put more of that into practice. Maybe it'll even show in my breaking:)

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