Yo you. We receive a lot of e-mail from people who have visited our site, and have questions about b-girling/b-boying. If you have a question, take a look to see if it's answered here in the FAQ. Thanks!

Q: Can shebang! perform at my battle, party, corporate event, ...etc?
A: At present, shebang! is not performing.

Q: Where can I buy shebang! shirts or break&enter footage?
A: For merch, please stop by Street Dance Academy at 160 Spadina Ave in Toronto. Or contact SDA online through info@streetdanceacademy.com

Q: I want to learn to breakdance. Where do I start?
A: Check around your city to see if there are any classes. If you live in Toronto, click on the classes link. That's the easiest way, more below. If you can't find any classes, try to befriend a local b-boy or b-girl and ask him/her to teach you some basics. Maybe even offer some money for their time, and ask for a one-on-one lesson. You can also pick up moves by watching DVDs and videos online. Once you have a top/uprock and some basic floorwork, you're on your way. Keep practicing and be creative.

Q: Where can I learn how to b-girl/b-boy?
A: If you live in Toronto: We run b-girl sessions. For details on shebang! classes, plus lessons taught by other breakers we know, click here. To find out about classes in a city not listed, try posting a message at www.freestylesession.com. Hopefully someone will point you in the right direction.

Q: I want people to break with. I want to form a crew. Where do I find other b-girls and b-boys?
A: Look around. shebang! came to be through a class taught by Benzo of BTX. Also try the web. www.freestylesession.com is a great place to meet other breakers. Become active in the online breakin' community. If you live in the Toronto area, check out the message board at www.backtotheunderground.com.

Q: Doesn't Ricky Martin have a song called "Shebangs"?
A: Yes, we know. We named our crew long before the single. We've been trying to live la vida loca ever since. ;)