April 2004
4-on-4 = Abstract Fanatics
bonnie&clyde = Anne & Thunderblast

July 2003
4-on-4 = Supernaturalz
bonnie&clyde = TIE: Fenix and Piecez and Phantoms of Reality

January 2003
4-on-4 = J-Force
bonnie&clyde = TIE: Blazin' and Piecez from T.O; Cleopatra and Omegatron from Montreal

April 2002
4-on-4 = Supernaturalz
bonnie&clyde = Ms.Mighty and Doogie

September 2001
3-on-3 = TIE: Mariano, Gizmo, and Butta from T.O; MEC
bonnie&clyde = Ms.Mighty and Doogie

break & enter is one of Canada's biggest b-boy/girl battles. The event is a family friendly showcase of hip hop culture. Recent break & enter jams have attracted dancers from California, NYC, Montreal, Halifax, Detroit, and Rochester! b&e is hosted by Toronto b-girl crew shebang! Tapes of the battles are for sale at break & enter.